Sunday, June 30, 2013

Orca Team Restraint.  Hip or hips.  Is it the guitar?  Spindly, unimpressive.  Is it the home movie quality videos?  Gauzey, nostalgic.  Is it his voice?  Lovely, confident.  Their palette is limited.  A guitar, a bass, a drum and his voice.  I know, I have denigrated every band on the planet.  But there is a lounge act quality that is superseded by their ability to make even this rudimentary exercise as feel good esthetes feel exceedingly impressive. We had the faded opportunity to see Orca Team in person and we failed.  It was late, it was a school night, we are old, all dreadful excuses - I am well aware, but we did not attend.  We should have.  Because this music is vital and alive.  All of the songs are slight variations of each other but imagine the interaction between the collective consciousness of an audience in a sweaty summer club and the singer in hot pants and bow tie, the guitar player in crinoline and the drummer playing fills to impress their mother.  It is unfortunate but even drummer's have mothers as we found on the last Allo Darlin' album and democracy is evil.  It seems their greatest aspiration is to be the house band in the next Quentin Tarantino movie.  See them in catholic school girl uniforms playing their slinky tunes to general indifference to the world t large and later hipsters dressing as them at Tarantino parties.  Do Tarantino parties actually exist or was that a concoction by Gilmore Grirls to put Rory Gilmore in Gogo Yubari gear to titillate the Aspergers set.  Is Edward Snowden Aspergers positive?  Is he making lists of his top five favorite John McEntire productions while hiding out in his Moscow aiport.  A few years back the Economist wrote a piece in their holiday issue about the joys of bribing your way through Russian airports.  I hope poor Edward is familiar.  Top track is playing now - Michael;.  In spite of the fact that I am barely mentioning the record in fact it is brilliant.   Edward Snowden vs. Bradley Manning in a battle for the hearts of mousy 20-something actresses who are looking for gentle souls.  Perhaps Edward is reading Katherine Angel's Unmastered while haunting terminals, eating Toblerone and running from the NSA, on the moving walkway just "out of reach".  I've just finished reading a review of Unmastered and am now intrigued.  Perhaps were I able to express myself without cliche, the same as Katherine has done, "Fuck Me.  Yes, Fuck Me." I could be so celebrated by writers in the Observer.  when my book is released from the great beyond it will contain pre-written blurbs about how the singer from Orca Team just could not put it down.  Nursing home fiction is where the kids are at.  Are Orca Team having loads of sex?  He has this ultra cool sheen of sophistication and puritanical filth, the same as an academic parsing the sexual nature of humans but could it be an act, is his persona strictly relegated to the stage where he exhibits great power over the minor masses that come ot see him and lust for his bass lines and polished croon.  When song six begins Little Suit begins a weariness sets in, you imagine you've heard this bass line before, his voice unchanging, affectless, pristine and cherubic.  They are from Portland.  I have never been to Portland but I imagine it to be the worst city on the planet.  Blubird, diaeresis excluded, were from Portland.  Alistair Fitchett was a large fan.  I love Unpopular but I read the playlists he has posted and I can't imagine ever going back, back to this self-imagined utopia that once was indiepop.  I don't know any of the bands he has posted.  Is each and every one brilliant?  Possibly.  In the days before being old it would have upset me that there existed genius in indiepop that I was unaware of, but these days, not so much.  I am seeking ambition perhaps.  Ambition of spirt and mind is where I am led.  I hope.  If...  The movie?  I can't tell.  I saw it once ages before, there was the Mike Alway obsession.  Perhaps Orca Team would have been too obvious for Alway.  They're better than the Klaxon 5 anyhow.  But there is this superficialness to the music, surface over soul, I have ben reading design blogs and it is difficult to combine the soul defining from the curators or soul destroyed.  That is cruel.  But is your world populated by things, fashion, ephemera or passion.  Is it so simplistic?  Are Orca Team passionate purveyors of their art?  Seemingly.  I should have seen them live and then offered a more knowing exposition but the music as delectable as it appears doesn't linger.  The Lowest Point, it could be harrowing, a life cast into the abyss by heartbreak but then the drummer comes in, drummer's mothers are a scourge.  When we have children I hope none of our children become drummers.  Not even should they be drummers that sing.  A laundry list of how he wrought his devastation, but the drums, the bass...Will they acquire a new sense of ambition on the next record?  Will they make another record?  Where do the paths to innovation lie within their ensemble?  Is it just more about refinements, better threads, improved choreography and glitter ball sex as Christmas.  Last track, a bit more restrained, mysterious, smaller than life, lovely, wonderful.